Why Advertise With Us?

Your message will last:  Unlike most print mags, our issues do not expire. They are art books and coffee table keepers. Our readers will have them out for others to read, keep for reference, to share with friends and loved ones. Most magazines are temporal. They are printed , distributed, read and thrown away. DEBACLE is designed by artists, to be unique and collected.

We chose you!:  We believe the advertising in DEBACLE can be as informative, stimulating, and cool as our content. If you have this media kit we have chosen you specifically. We either consume your product, shop at your business, patron your establishment, and support your cause.   We only extend ad space offers to businesses we can stand behind.

•Your message situated in a unique, quality, original product with unbiased audiences ready to acknowledge it.

•Word of mouth and experience sharing.

DEBACLE is not looked at once and thrown out. DEBACLE is kept, revisited, referenced, celebrated, studied, and shared.

•It is fresh every time. The name promises quality, guarantees provocation, delivers beauty, and will be incredibly different every issue.

Image submission: Visuals must be CMYK (no RGB, no duo-tone, no multichannel).  All art must be at least 300 dpi. If you have a lot of line art (1-bit images) it’s recommended that you deliver art at 600 dpi to prevent pixelation.

Sending ads via EMAIL: If files are under 10 mb, stuff and send to: ads@debaclemag.com

If bigger than 10 mb, archive and send via yousendit or similar large file transfer software to:


*yousendit is free for files up to 100megabites: 



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