The DEBACLE staff is comprised of artists, writers, designers and art lovers of all mediums.  First and foremost, we are setting out to create a publication that we would love to read ourselves.  We are creating something that is currently unavailable despite the demand. We are making a publication that is compelling, rich, different, loved by those who know and eye-opening to those who don’t. We live, work, create, and play in LA, and from this collective experience we know: In the underpainting of this city lives a true creative culture. Each issue of DEBACLE has a unique theme that serves as a vessel to present the unique and creative voice of our cities. Issue number one focuses on the theme of Isolation with a majority of the content from Los Angeles Based artists.  Next issue we expand to San Francisco, the third issue New York and so on.  We will take submissions from anyone, anywhere and in any media.  We want the voices of  all the amazing artists and creatives out there to eventually be heard across all of our cities.  Some you will know and some you won’t, but each is influential and inspiring in his or her own way.  So submit your work at anytime.  We’d love to see what you are doing.

Begin thinking about our next issue as we already are. Issue 2’s theme is HEAT.   Embrace it, embark on a journey with it, and show or tell us what it means to you.

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